Base Operations Support


Maintenance Support Wheeled Tracked Vehicles, Ancillary Equipment, Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Equipment, Communications (Electronics), Aviation (UH-60 RESET, Left Behind Equipemnt (LBE), Aviation Maintenance Backup (AVUM), Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AVIM), National Maintenance Program (NMP), and RESET (Vehicle & Equipment)

Supply Support – Material Handling, Warehousing (Class I, II, III, P, IV, VII), Repair Parts (Class IX), Clothing Issue Facility, Bulk Petroleum and Retail (Class III) Hazardous Materials, Ammunition (Class V), Dining & Food Services, Disposal, Property Management, Mail Distribution, Operational Security, and Fitness Center Support

Ammunition Supply Point – Largest Ammunition Supply Point in CONUS, Provides all Ammunition for Units Training to Specific Military Bases, Provides Stock Control Services, Demilitarization Operations, Ammunition (Transport, Delivery & Pick-Up), and Supports Units Mobilizing and Demobilizing

Transportation Support – Tactical (Motor Pool Wheel Vehicles and Ammo Transportability), GSA (Sedans, Buses and Commercial Tractor Trailers), Taxi (Shuttle Vans, Transit Buses), Freight and Moving Services

Ranges – support scheduled training, range preparation, issue/receipt of equipment and facilities, maintenance and clearance from facilities.

RESET – UH-60 Helicopters, Heavy Equipment Transporters, Armored Personnel Carriers, Mind Resistant Armored Protection Vehicle (MRAP), and Radio/Generators